Thanks to Ms. Bożena Kolano the canteen located in the Bronowice Business Center 9 building is filled with lovely smells and delicious dishes. A warm and tasty meal during the working day is extremely important. This is why we are all the more glad that the employees of the offices at Jasnogórska Street can take advantage of the wide gastronomic offer of Bistro No. 9.

The canteen is undoubtedly one of the essential elements of modern office buildings. That is why in the Bronowice Business Center building – on the ground floor, we have designed as much as 170 m2 space intended for the restaurant. Office tenants in the Bronowice Business Center 9 building, but also from other buildings at Jasnogórska Street, can taste a rich and tasty gastronomic offer. Bistro No. 9 offers daily three sets of homemade meals including soup, meat, and vegetarian dishes. This is undoubtedly facilitation for employees who during the day can enjoy a warm and wholesome meal. Thanks to the restaurant in the BBC 9 building people who until now didn’t eat during work hours and limited meals to two per day – breakfast and dinner at home, as well as people who ate at fast-food restaurants can significantly improve the quality of their day and their well-being, and thus productivity and the ability to focus on the work.

We are pleased that our tenants are willing to use Bistro No. 9. We believe delicious homemade dishes will give them energy and have a positive effect on their day.

Bistro No. 9 is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

+48 574 456 004,
+48 606 194 285,
+48 574 456 752