In being Eco every step counts. That is why we introduce ecological solutions to our investments in various ways. These include ecological finishing materials, energy-saving elevators, water-saving solutions, a carpooling system for our tenants, and now a new waste segregation system, introduced in Krakow from April 1.

It is not April Fool’s — from April 1 — a new waste segregation system has been brought in Krakow. Therefore, in shared kitchens and corridors of our investments, extra containers and dustbins have been placed. The biggest change is the brown bio-waste bins. From now fruit, vegetables, and its waste, cut and pot flowers, leftover food (without meat or bones), coffee and tea grounds, and eggshells goes into the brown bin. Other bins do not change: a paper goes to the blue one, metal and plastics to the yellow one, glass to the green one, mixed-waste to black one — without biowaste. This is a significant change that will allow you to better segregate garbage.

As MPO reminds us:

Almost all the objects that surround us at home are made of plastic, glass, paper and metals, i.e. materials that can be reused. Properly segregated waste can be used to produce new items, for example, bottles, newspapers, park benches or bicycles.

This is a necessary and very good change. This is why we are counting on the cooperation of our tenants and their employees who work in the MIX GROUP buildings. Please read the posters and leaflets and apply the new rules. Remember — big changes start with small steps.

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