MIX GROUP is a Krakow developer with over twenty years of experience, rightly associated with the office real-estate market. Now, the MIX GROUP portfolio includes also a prime apartment complex near Warsaw in the exclusive and fashionable Konstancin-Jeziorna.

MIX GROUP is a well-known Krakow developer which in his portfolio has office buildings with a combined area of about 60,000 m2. This includes new and modernized buildings adapted to modern standards. In this way, the MIX GROUP wants not only to ensure the comfort of its tenants but also to use the location potential of buildings situated in key points of the city.

Office developers are increasingly looking at other areas of activity that open new business opportunities. Therefore, if an opportunity arises, they take it. It is not surprising then that the developer known for his office buildings is deciding to build an apartment complex. This is good news for those who are looking for something unique in the prime standard and a great location. And often a chance to make dreams come true.

MIX GROUP has just accomplished its first exclusive complex of 12 apartments ranging in size from 150m2 to 330m2. The complex consists of three buildings in Konstancin-Jeziorna (Dworcowa 13). This is a special moment for MIX GROUP, which by investing in a residential complex in Poland’s most famous villa town proves that leaving the comfort zone can be an excellent choice. What does the MIX GROUP offer?

The complex maintained in a classic style, refers to the architecture of Konstancin old villa buildings. The buildings are arranged around an internal, square courtyard which is the center of an urban composition.
For prime buildings every detail is crucial, including the development of the area. Here, the MIX GROUP does not disappoint either. Precisely designed greenery, flower beds and places to relax emphasize the exclusive character of the property.

The classic architectural style has been combined with modern housing and technology solutions that provide comfort and functionality.
Such a careful approach and taking care of every detail create a space that gives the feeling of living in a unique luxurious place. Everyone who dreamed of living in a villa now has a chance to make this dream come true. Without having to invest in the entire property, but by purchasing one of the available apartments.

MIX GROUP has gained in its portfolio a unique property that can satisfy the most demanding customer. Customer who’s looking for an apartment in a location considered for years the most desirable.

This prime complex tempts with the above-standard surface of individual apartments (150, 180, 300, 330 m2), but also with modern amenities such as one- or two-level apartments, as well as apartments with a mezzanine, non-standard height of apartments (3 meters), elevators, modern boiler room, individual air conditioning for each apartment, green areas for shared use, fenced property with monitoring and 24/7 security system, underground garages with lots of parking spaces. The central location of the complex makes that there are kindergarten, primary school, bus stop, market, playground, and even a park and river in the vicinity. So if you have a choice of living in a flat, in the suburbs or a villa apartment in an exclusive neighborhood — the choice seems to be simple.

Prime apartments make the aging districts shine again. It is a great benefit for the city, which, by gaining a world-class facility, becomes more attractive to all its residents. Therefore, it is even more satisfying that such an experienced developer as MIX GROUP is seeking new opportunities. Expanding its portfolio with new properties and set a new direction on the real-estate market.

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