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Rental of high standard offices

Mix Biura – we offer rental of offices and commercial premises for rent in our office buildings in Krakow.

MIX Biura is one of the leading companies operating on the Krakow office spices, rental market, boasting of 20 years of experience. The company specializes in the construction of modern office buildings for renting and in the revitalization of historical buildings in Krakow. So far, we have completed projects with the a total area of 60,000 sqm. The company of Mix Group own 8 office buildings with retail and exhibition space.

Why is it worth to rent an office with MIX Biura?

Renting an office in Krakow guarantees not only a beautiful historical neighborhood, but also the possibility of creating and developing a business in this dynamically developing arena, which Krakow has become. In a city as full of energy as Kraków is, the location of an office building is extremely important.

For the most demanding tenants, MIX Biura offers office buildings in Krakow, class A and B, which not only allow the company to development of the Company within one facility, but also guarantee an attractive location in various parts of Krakow. In addition, Mix Biura is the only developer that offers a dedicated carpooling system for its tenants. Carpooling is a system of shared commuting to and form work by several people in one car, which saves money and also contributes to the reduction of traffic jams and the amount of exhaust gases emitted.

Mix Biura also means modern architecture, functionality of space, ease of arrangement and adjustment of applied solutions to the requirements of tenants. Every new investment is built  using state-of-the-art technology with the highest standards of safety, ecology and occupational hygiene. In such an office, the work becomes a pleasure, and the building itself can be an inspiration for many people. In addition, as the owner and manager we are able to respond immediately to the needs of our tenants.

Currently, the portfolio of Mix Group consists of 8 buildings in excellent locations in Krakow:
ul. Wadowicka 8a, ul. Halicka 9, ul. Łagiewnicka 33a, office center at ul. Wielicka 72 (two objects), office center on the street. Jasnogórska (BBC9, BBC11, BBC13).

Contact us and we will help you choose the office space that is perfectly suited to your needs in Krakow.

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